WebSight DXP Pricing

Understanding WebSight's pricing model

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Anna Szemiot
Jul 21 3 min read

WebSight CMS is making a transition to a BSL 1.1. licensing

As you consider adopting WebSight DXP for your digital experience needs, you might wonder what exactly is meant by 'production cores' and how different licensing tiers: Community, Professional, Business, and Enterprise - affect your usage and cost. Here, we'll break it down for you in a comprehensive guide.

What are the production cores?

Production cores refer to the processor units within a server responsible for executing instructions of a computer program. In essence, they are the workhorses of your software infrastructure. The more cores you have, the more tasks your system can handle simultaneously, which directly translates into your application's speed, responsiveness, and overall performance.

WebSight Pricing | July 2023

For instance, if you're running a high-traffic e-commerce site, more cores will allow you to handle more concurrent users smoothly. In contrast, a small personal blog would require fewer cores since the traffic demands are significantly lower. 

This is why WebSight's pricing model based on production cores provides you with flexibility and scalability, ensuring you only pay for what you need, and the software can grow alongside your business. When we refer to 'production cores', we're talking about the cores that are actively being used in a live, production environment. This could be cores handling incoming requests, running your application, or powering database operations.

WebSight’s licensing tiers, explained

Unlike many other platforms that base their pricing tiers on the number of users, nodes, or visitors, WebSight's pricing model is designed around your cluster size—specifically, the number of cores you use. This approach allows us to accommodate a wide variety of deployment models and usage scenarios. Here's a closer look at each tier.

Tier 1 - Community


Under WebSight's Business Source License (BSL) 1.1, we allow free use of our CMS at up to eight CPU cores at any given time. This includes production, non-production, and ephemeral environments. There are no real-time DXP capabilities at this tier. This could be ideal for a local restaurant or an independent blogger looking for a robust, cost-effective CMS solution.

Tier 2- Professional

starting at 5000 EUR / year

This tier is the entry point into our commercial licenses. It offers a balance of cost and capabilities suitable for organizations with moderate production needs.

For example, a small-to-medium-sized business, like an online boutique, could use the 8 production cores to handle moderate traffic and provide a smooth, personalized shopping experience for its customers.

This tier allows the use of up to 8 production cores to support real-time DXP functions and any type of integration - for example with Solr or Nginx servers. It includes WebSight CMS, real-time DXP composability layer, pre-prepared integrations, and delivery layer, along with access to internal documentation and training materials. It also comes with basic SLA / Support. 

Tier 3 - Business

The Business tier is geared towards bigger businesses operating online. This package includes up to 24 production cores, which should suffice to process hundreds of thousands of messages per second, manage a few NGINX servers or handle custom integrations, among other tasks.

At Business tier you get a WebSight CMS, real-time DXP composability layer, pre-prepared integrations, delivery layer, and monitoring,. Deployment at this tier is multi-zonal, meaning that the data redundancy and services running in multiple data centers results in highly available platform  Customers also get access to internal documentation, training materials, and standard SLA / Support. This could be ideal for a larger e-commerce website or a digital news platform that demands high-speed experience delivery.

Tier 4 - Enterprise

starting at 250 000 EUR / year

The Enterprise license is intended for mission-critical operations. This would suit a multinational corporation with high traffic demands, as it provides unlimited production cores

WebSight DXP as a core platform would enable the use of a large number of custom modules like AI, ML real-time recommendations, and managing a huge number of connected systems or visitors. Along with WebSight CMS, real-time DXP composability layer, pre-prepared integrations, and delivery layer, this tier provides monitoring, high availability, prioritised feature requests, access to internal documentation, training materials, and premium SLA / Support.

In addition to these features, the Enterprise tier guarantees close cooperation with our team, ensuring the product is built around the enterprise clients’ needs. It also provides direct access to product architects. This means you will be able to discuss your unique needs, challenges, or queries directly with the people who know the system inside out. They can provide advice on best practices, strategies for effective use, and help customize the system to better suit your requirements.

Build vs. Buy

When evaluating the cost-effectiveness of these tiers, it's worth considering the alternative cost of building your own solutions. Hiring in-house architects, for instance, can be a substantial investment—especially when compared to leveraging the knowledge and support of our seasoned R&D architects and developers. Our licensing tiers are designed around this 'build vs buy' philosophy, providing you access to cutting-edge expertise while mitigating costs.

Each of our licensing tiers is not just about the product but also about the level of support and involvement you get from our team. As you move up the tiers, you not only get increased core usage but also higher levels of support, access to more features, and direct access to our architects and developers.

For more information on which tier would best suit your needs or details about transitioning between tiers, feel free to contact us.