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Building OSGi applications with Sling Feature Model

Published at: 15.07.2022 by Tomasz Michalak

In this article, you will learn how we can benefit from OSGi modularity and Sling Feature Model.

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On the road to the perfect DXP

Published at: 01.07.2022 by MichaƂ Cukierman

The Past, the present, and the future of the CMS and DXP platforms. I will describe the evolution from WordPress to cloud-native emerging solutions, with an accent on enterprise-grade systems.

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Why we decided to ship and develop the OSGi application in containers

Published at: 02.08.2022 by Maciej Laskowski

In this article, I will point out five reasons we use containers to develop and ship OSGi Sling-based applications.

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