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The digital experience superhighway

WebSight DXP helps you create, distribute and deliver content like never before, offering a smooth, high-speed, and relevant experience to the end user.

How real-time DXP works

Multiple data sources

Integrate diverse content and data sources, optimize existing systems, and simplify adding or replacing solutions.

High-performance distribution

Adapt to changes in data and states, ensure constant platform availability, and generate personalized experiences through smart pipelines.

Low-latency delivery

Handle the global traffic at any scale and respond to unexpected spikes in demand. Maintain real-time experience updates via lightweight services.

The Deep Dive

In this series of articles we unpack the technical complexities behind the WebSight platform, to help you better understand what kind of challenges need to be overcome in order to provide unparalleled digital experiences.

a scheme of DX platform

Rethinking the DX platform for the modern age

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a cartoon map

WebSight’s secret sauce. How our DXP works

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man standing next to some pie graphs

Why we need to retire legacy deployment model

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a delivery man next to his car

Pizza truck syndrome: DXP throughput challenge

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a man watching a blue dot

Facing the traditional DXP scalability issues

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men and woman drawing on the wall

The #1 bottleneck of monolithic systems

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a superwoman

Why we need a paradigm shift around DXP teams

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man standing next to the some graphs

Can monolith really evolve into a composable DXP?

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Bring your digital experiences to life

Real-time updates

WebSight instantly reacts to the incoming data, keeping your digital experience always up-to-date and relevant.

Adaptable scaling

Handle increasing data volumes and surges in user traffic, keeping consistent performance at any scale.

From the monolithic DXP

To streamlined efficiency

A graph showing Synchronise communication across all data sources you own