The Real-Time DXP

Beyond the limits of CMS-centric platforms

WebSight uses event-driven pipelines to gather data from various sources and transform it into digital experiences ready for lightweight global delivery.

How it works

What WebSight makes possible

Building site resilience
with decoupled services

Offload resource-intensive services off of traditional Digital Experience Platform monolith to achieve significant performance improvements.

Integrating monolithic
content sources in real time

Integrate data from diverse sources for better observability, streamlined operations and unified customer experience.

Speed-at-scale metrics

1 million

pages published in 15 minutes

with pipelines designed to push massive amounts of content quickly

3 million

users per hour

handled on lean infrastructure and single NGINX server

3 minutes

to scale 10x

with consistent performance no matter the data and request volume

Explore our technology
Enterprise-level platform

Elevate your digital potential

WebSight is a unique combination of top-level CMS and event-driven messaging pipeline. It delivers the flexibility and performance that the market leaders need to keep staying ahead of the competition. Our CMS provides a robust platform for managing digital content. The event-driven system ensures that content is delivered across all channels ahead of time, already tailored to the user's needs.

It's time to engineer for growth

Stay ready for heavy page traffic

Hight throughput

Message pipelines

to generate experiences with data from incoming source messages

Ready for any source of data

Unified content sources

that can be integrated via loosely coupled architecture

Cloud native


for streamlined application building, testing and deployment

Ahead-of time

Smart CDN

Each service keeping in sync with the upstream persistent log

Meet customers wher they are

Create experiences that drive loyalty

Improved performance

Drive conversions up

Broader solution inventory

Integrate with top quality solutions

Intuitive CMS

Enjoy rich editing experience

Build event-driven experiences that go beyond content