The Cloud-Native CMS

Create, collaborate and publish content easilybacked by powerful, yet simple components.

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Enterprise-grade CMS with no legacy issues

Combining what’s best about proven, battle-tested solutions with zero-legacy development experience.

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Natively integrated into the WebSight DXP

The only CMS working natively with the event-driven architecture of WebSight DXP, with out of the box seamless integration.

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Optimized for Kubernetes deployment

Built with focus on clear architecture and scalability to support distributed Kubernetes deployments.

Rich authoring experience

WebSight CMS is a robust suite of authoring tools to help your marketing team achieve more. From WYSIWYG editor and multi-tenancy to page versioning, we provide the features that enable editors to efficiently produce great content  and deliver the best possible content authoring experience.

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a screenshot showing CMS authoring mode
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Designed to streamline development

WebSight CMS works with containerized local setups that are easy to manage and adjust according to your requirements. The system automatically detects and recovers from failures, minimizing downtime and maintaining business continuity.

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