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WebSight DXP

Discover cloud native Digitial Experience Platform driven by the enterprise-grade CMS

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Authoring experience

Create. Distribute. Deliver.

What makes WebSight different is a true separation of concerns. The authoring environment is completely detached from the runtime. Content authors need distributed collaboration platform focused on providing rich authoring features. It’s designed specifically to create and manage the content between publications.

Once ready, we generate static pages, prepare content fragments and distribute them with all dependencies to the runtime environment using the push model.

The runtime environment adds dynamic behaviors and acts as an integration layer. It delivers complete experiences to the end users. Delivers them in a fast, secure, and scalable way.

  • Cloud Native Architecture

    Architecture is designed to make the web fast, secure, and easy to scale. Pages are rendered in advance, stored, and enriched in runtime by serverless functions.

  • Enterprise Grade CMS

    Create digital experiences with modern and intuitive UI and get a live preview before publishing. The authoring layer shares the technology stack with enterprise market leaders, which results in a feature-rich, battle-tested platform. Redesigned to meet the latest standards.

  • Great Performance

    Better performance due to edge processing and always available computing power.

  • High Security

    External users have access only to client experiences. The authoring part is secured and is not a runtime dependency. In WebSight, you always expose the minimum.

  • Cheap and Easy Scaling

    Scale from zero to infinity. We eliminated bottlenecks to give you a flexible platform. Pay for what you use while handling traffic peaks and downscale the resources to a minimum when needed.

  • Tailor Made Solution

    Use the best tools to do the job. Use Content Management System to manage the content. Utilize cloud technologies like Amazon IAM, Cognito, or Cloud Search to extend the platform. Compose the platform using IaC solution and keep it simple.

Authoring experience

Authoring Experience

Everything that happens before page publishing is done on the authoring instances. WebSight enables teams to create content in distributed environments. Teams can collaborate on multiple sites and markets using different roles and permissions. Data is organized into sites using spaces, assets, pages, tags, templates, and components and uses functionalities like multi-site management, page versioning, and more.

WebSight supports headless and traditional architectures, making it true hybrid CMS. The authoring environment is fast and responsive without any legacy code. UX is optimized for productivity and the best possible user experience. The environment is pluggable and easily customizable. Can be easily extended to meet specific requirements.

Developer Experience

Technology First

WebSight is based on a solid foundation of Apache Sling, Jackrabbit Oak, and Felix. It shares a core technology stack with mature Digital Experience Platforms like AEM or Magnolia. On the other hand, we implemented the platform to target cloud infrastructures. We use containers and serverless for easier development, testing, and delivery. Containerized local setups, ephemeral environments, self-healing, and scalable target infrastructures are just some of the benefits of moving to modern technologies.

We can surely say that WebSight is made by engineers for engineers.

Why WebSight?

Our 50+ team has together hundreds of years of experience with market-leading enterprise-class CMSs like AEM. We are using this experience to provide the solution for issues we’ve seen too many times.

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