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Real-time digital experience composability

Instant, relevant, web-scale

Life happens in real time. So should digital experiences. WebSight is letting them constantly flow: from responding to incoming data, to processing and delivering experiences that are perfectly timed, personalized and global.

How real-time DXP works

WebSight uses event streaming pipelines to respond to data incoming from various sources and transform it into digital experiences ready for lightweight global delivery.

A graph showing synchronised communication across all data sources you own

Powered by event streaming

So you finally can

Icon representing readiness for any data source

Use any data source

Create experiences in response to any data, regardless its origin or type. Whether it's a CMS or internal system, it can push data to WebSight in real-time without disrupting any existing process.

Icon representing solution flexibility

Build as you want

Choose solutions based on your requirements, not by what the platform allows. As data processing and experience delivery needs evolve, these systems can be quickly upgraded or replaced.

Scale globally, fast

No matter the data volume, geographic location, or number of individual users, WebSight delivery layer remains responsive, serving the freshest data every single time.

WebSight Content Management System

CMS native to real-time

Visual and intuitive

for rich editing experience

Fast and elegant

with no burden of integrations / old code

Easy transition

for developers used to enterprise CMS

Fostering collaboration

versioning and multi-tenancy

WebSight CMS interface
What RTDXP is capable of

WebSight use cases

Real-time updates for ecommerce

Offload resource-intensive services off of traditional Digital Experience Platform monolith to achieve significant performance improvements.

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Improving page load times at scale

Integrate data from diverse sources for better observability, streamlined operations and unified customer experience.

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Future-ready features

It's time to engineer for growth

High throughput

Single-job functions

that process experiences asynchronously

Ready for any service

Contained data sources

that can be integrated via loosely coupled architecture

Grows as you do

Unlimited scaling

of WebSight platform to thousands of nodes across regions

"Smart CDN"

Ahead-of-time delivery

keeping in sync with the upstream persistent log

WebSight metrics

Pick up a blazing speed


requests per second

per server, at any amount of servers (NGINX)

0,06 s

to process published data

for end-to-end publishing, in multi-step pipelines*

0,006 s

to get the page into browser

with freshest data, without cache or CDN

*measured in September 2023, in two scenarios: in the first scenario, a product data event was sent from Product Information Management (PIM); in the second, a page template was published from the Content Management System (CMS).

The processing pipeline involved a sequence of steps: (1) persisting data in the store, (2) generating the page, (3) creating a full-text search feed, (4) sitemap update and (5) propagating of results to both the search index and the web server. Latency was measured as the interval between receiving an incoming event and completing the propagation.

Build event-driven experiences that go beyond content