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Deployment to Linux using Docker Compose

This guide describes a way to deploy WebSight CMS inexpensively and with predictable monthly pricing. We will run the platform on a single Ubuntu server, using containers that are configured via Docker Compose.


This setup does not address reliability (e.g., backups and recovery), scalability or monitoring considerations. For a production environment, we recommend using a managed container service. Learn more about deploying on a managed container service in our AWS ECS deployment guide.


After completing the Creating and developing WebSight CMS project guide you should have:

To complete this tutorial, you will also need:

  • A virtual machine (minimum 2CPUs / 4GB RAM) with Ubuntu 22.x installed
  • A container registry for your project images

In this guide we will use the DigitalOcean cloud to:

  • set up a virtual machine (which is known as a Droplet on Digital Ocean)
  • configure a private container registry

Step 1: Droplet Setup


If you have your own virtual machine with Ubuntu installed and want to run WebSight CMS there, you don't need to set up a Droplet. Instead, skip this step and go directly to step 2.

Create a Droplet with the following specification:

  • OS Image: Ubuntu 22.04 (LTS) x64
  • Size: Basic: 2 Intel CPUs / 4GB RAM / 80GB NVMe SSDs
  • choose SSH keys authentication and add your SSH public key to Droplet

At the time of writing this guide the cost of for this Droplet configuration is $24.00/month.

Step 2: Install Docker

On your virtual machine, install Docker Engine and plugins by following the Ubuntu Docker installation documentation.

Step 3: Container Registry Setup


If you already have a Docker Registry set up, you can skip this step and go directly to step 4.

Create a basic private Container Registry in DigitalOcean.

At the time of writing this guide the cost of the Basic Container Registry is $5.00/month.

Step 4: Push images to Docker Registry

In this step, we will start with the project generated in the Setup guide and update the Maven configuration file.

  1. Update the io.fabric8:docker-maven-plugin plugin configuration in distribution/pom.xml as follows:

    • Add the following buildx extension to cms and nginx images <build> sections:
    • Add the following execution:
  2. Log in to the container registry with:

    docker login
    and provide your DigitalOcean API token.

  3. Push your images to the container registry

    mvn clean install \ \
    where DO_REGISTRY_NAME is your configured container registry name

Step 5: Deploy Containers

From the Droplet console perform the following:

  1. Download Docker Compose file:


  2. Update the downloaded docker-compose.yml file and replace these values as follows:

    • ->
    • ->
  3. Log in to the container registry

    docker login
    and provide your DigitalOcean API token.

  4. Run WebSight CMS CE containers with

    docker compose up -d

Step 6: Verification

Open WebSight CMS CE admin panel on DROPLET_IP:8080. Use the wsadmin/wsadmin as login / password.